What’s New?

We undertook to build the best CL we could on the site but I don’t mind admitting that we didn’t get everything right and there are areas that could be improved. Over winter we are in the process of making some improvements to the site based on constructive comments from our valued guests and as part of an ongoing assessment of how well the site functions for all its users. The improvements include:

Larger Pitches

Pitches 1 and 5 have been enlarged significantly to provide more space to erect awnings.

Finer chippings

The original granite chippings were chosen to be free draining and firm to drive upon, and in that regard, they have functioned well. They are not, however, very comfortable to walk upon! The top 3 inches of coarse chippings are being removed from the pitches and replaced with finer chippings that are more comfortable underfoot.

Grey water disposal

Grey water disposal points are being added to each pitch. Fully serviced pitched means guests spend less time emptying waste water tanks and more time enjoying their holiday! Please come equipped with a waste water hose to make the most of the new waste water gullies.

Improved access

The ditch that runs alongside our lane has been lined with a new drainage pipe and back filled with chippings to ensure that no one driving on and off the site gets stuck in the ditch!

Improved broadband

We have upgraded the broadband to “super-fast”. The average speed has been boosted by over 50% of the previous fastest speed. We now, on average, achieve 27 Mbits which is respectable in Cornwall. Whats more, we still don’t charge a penny for guests to use it!